The Last Thing A Writer Needs Is Vision

As a writer or publisher of books, there are 3 things you need to achieve success: a dream, a vision and action.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

1. You need to have a dream that seems impossible to achieve.

Dreaming is something most writers are familiar with, especially if you write fiction. The need to dream is deeply embedded in our subconscious so that even when we are awake in the harsh morning light, the dreams don’t stop. This ability to dream is what makes fiction writing possible in the first place.

Have impossible dreams - Fiction Blueprints

As a fiction writer, what is your biggest dream for your books?

Do you dream of being an author with multiple bestselling books? Or do you dream of being an author who people read in all the corners of the world? It is possible that your dream is totally unrelated and maybe it is simply to write.

No matter what your dreams are, you need to take them a step further. Create dreams that are larger than you. Find a way to nourish those dreams that you have. As Napoleon Hill said:

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Anne Lamott: Writing and Publication

Commit to Achieving Your Dreams

Are You Committed?

I don’t mean to an institution, not that kind of committed. I’m talking about how committed you are to your dreams.

The other day I wrote about the power of Focus and how far it can take you and I shared with you about the 30 day challenge. I’m continuing with that today as I talk about your mindset and how it affects your dreams

It is one thing to dream, anyone can do that. But unless you’re willing to make a commitment to realizing that dream – to TAKE ACTION – what you desire will remain in the realm of fantasy.

As a writer, you could have the idea for a book that could definitely become a bestseller; one which almost any agent would die to get their hands upon, but if it’s not written then that’s all it is. An idea.

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Keeping Your Focus

A couple of days ago, I opened my email and you wouldn’t believe what was waiting for me in my inbox. It was the last thing I expected, something I wasn’t looking forward to because I didn’t even remember that it existed, something I had no idea I needed…YET, it was the best thing that could happen to me that day.

Sitting nice and pretty in my inbox was an email I’d written to myself in 2008. Yeah…5 years ago! If you’ve never tried something like this, you have no idea how empowering and motivating it can be.

To give you an idea, here’s an excerpt of the email:

I wonder how you are faring in the world right now…do you even remember who you were? Let me remind you…

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Creating a Work Space for Writing

Where you work is usually very important in creating the right mindset for your writing. This is true no matter what form of creating you do. I’m not saying you cannot do great work in any environment, as a matter of fact, some of my best writing has been when I had kids running all over me. Still, I always loved that I could go back to my private work area and have my creativity nourished.

Before I left Malaysia (a couple of weeks back), I had a lovely little nook in my bedroom. When their dad could babysit or someone else could help, I’d escape from the kids for a couple of hours and lock myself inside and just write. Or not.

The thing about having your work space is that once you’re in there, you sort of just shift into work mode. Maybe not at first, but if you’ve designated one place for writing and you’ve formed the habit of writing in that one spot as often as you can, you’ll see that it’s somewhat easier to get into the mood and write.

I don’t have a work space now and so I work wherever I can. This has slowed me down and I noticed that I’m not as productive as I used to be. But that’s okay. I’ll get into the groove again. Once I’m settled and have the kids settled, I will create a work space. In the meantime, I’d like to share my last work space with you. I hope seeing this photo will inspire you to creativity.

If you can, please share YOUR work space with me. You can link to a blog post where you’ve posted about your work space or you can mail a photo to me – sharon [at] and if you want, I’ll share it here.

Sharon's Work Space

Have an inspiring week ahead!


Living in the Zone

It’s 7 am on a Sunday morning and I’ve had no sleep. I’ve been up with a crying baby. I have a deadline that’s fast approaching and a million other tasks, which can only get done when the kids are asleep – late at night or very early in the morning. Yet I don’t seem to have even that time anymore.

I could let it get to me, but frankly I’m too tired to do so. Besides I’m working on living in the moment. I’m loving my new baby and playing with him (even when I’m tired and sleepy) is always a delight.

With all this talk on mindset and taking responsibility for the way you feel etc, I thought I’d share this video with you. It’s a song that’s been running through my mind and I listen to it almost every day. It’s Dare to Live by Andrea Bocceli and Laura Pausini and it captures where I am at the moment.