What You Need to Know About Fiction Plots Dot Com

I have mentioned the efficacy of writing your story using pre-written story plots as the starting point. It's a great way to get started writing especially if you are a beginner and if you are a seasoned writer, reading through story plots can get your creative juices flowing. This blog was originally created to share my fiction plots and I have dozens here (free and paid). However, I also like … [Read more...]

An Easier Way to Create Your Kindle Covers

Sample canva cover

Kindle covers play an important role when it comes to the way people receive your books in the kindle store. If your cover is dull and uninteresting, readers will most likely skip it even if your story is a potential bestseller. Unfortunately, the reality is that a book is judged by it's cover. But before your book is even accepted into the Kindle store, the cover has to be the right dimension. … [Read more...]

Editing for Romance Authors: Mapping Out the Relationship Arc

Editing Romance (1)

Whether you've written a romance novel or a novel that contains a romantic subplot, it's important to make sure that the relationship arc is strong. A relationship arc is a specific type of growth arc that the couple will move through together as their romance unfolds. In order to evaluate your story's relationship arc, you first need to map it out with a list of the moments in the story where … [Read more...]

A Talk With Jayne Ann Krentz On Life and Romance

Photo credit: Marc Von Borstel

Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I had planned on some power packed, motivational New Year message, but then I figured you would have probably read that on a dozen blogs already, and besides I stumbled upon this interview of Jayne Ann Krentz on Huffington Post that I knew I just had to share. Jayne Ann Krentz (I have to type the full name because I'm that in awe), is one of the revered writers … [Read more...]

It’s time to do something about it…

Fiction Blueprints

I got a mail from a subscriber who has now become a friend and in it she asked me something ... she wanted to know what books I'd published since the Harlequin book I'd written and how many others I'd written. I was speechless. I had no answer for her because the truth was that since Escaping Christmas, which I wrote two years ago, I have not written anything else for myself. I feel bad. I've … [Read more...]

Much Ado About Kindle Unlimited: My Take

Kindle Unlimited on Fiction Blueprints.com

  Hi, let's take a moment (or a few) to talk about Kindle Unlimited. Remember that we had just discussed Oyster books and then the next thing, Amazon announced that it was rolling out its subscription service for books, Kindle Unlimited. It’s been on for a week or so and authors are not sure what to make of it, particularly the indie authors.There’s been some form of panic about this and … [Read more...]

Coffee Break: How Much Research Is Too Much?

coffee breaks small

I'm bringing back coffee breaks, which is my way of sharing information about the writing world with you. This one is an article I read about research. This is an important part of being a writer; you have to research so that your story is credible and authentic. BUT where do you draw the line? I've read too many books that are bogged down in research and they bear a closer resemblance to history … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Oyster Books

Oyster Books Library

  There's a new buzz word in publishing circles and that word is Oyster. No, I'm not talking about the seafood, but the book subscription service. The interesting thing about Oyster is that it is not just targeted at indie publishers - although the indie publisher, Smashwords signed up to have their books on Oyster - but this new kid on the block is pulling in such heavy weight publishers … [Read more...]

Review of Instant Romance Plot Generator

I found this fun tool just now and it's actually quite interesting. Apparently, you can use it to create a blurb for your book, to create fiction plots and even to write your entire short story. What do I think about it? Well, it's fun. And it's a great distraction for when you're not quite feeling like writing. I would not use it to create my plots and I definitely wouldn't use it to write a … [Read more...]

Master the Art of Building Loyal Fan Clubs

Fan Club Mastery Fiction Blueprints

Are you still on the fence about starting a newsletter for your fans?   If you want fans that adore you and can't wait to get their hands on what you write, then you need a newsletter! Fan Club Mastery is a 10 part course which focuses on using emails to attract and keep an audience which is made of readers who will eagerly buy everything you ever write. Or have already written. It … [Read more...]

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