Commit to Achieving Your Dreams

Are You Committed?

I don’t mean to an institution, not that kind of committed. I’m talking about how committed you are to your dreams.

The other day I wrote about the power of Focus and how far it can take you and I shared with you about the 30 day challenge. I’m continuing with that today as I talk about your mindset and how it affects your dreams

It is one thing to dream, anyone can do that. But unless you’re willing to make a commitment to realizing that dream – to TAKE ACTION – what you desire will remain in the realm of fantasy.

As a writer, you could have the idea for a book that could definitely become a bestseller; one which almost any agent would die to get their hands upon, but if it’s not written then that’s all it is. An idea.

Have you noticed that when there’s a submission call either from an agent or from publishers, they ask for your manuscript or a few chapters of what you’ve already written? Nobody wants to hear your idea, well maybe apart from those who love you. What people want to read is something that’s already been written.

This is probably the case in almost all works of life. Ideas are great. In fact, ideas are what make the world go round. But they don’t just stop at ideas, they have to be implemented.

So tell me, what is your dream?

Is it to become a bestselling author? Or perhaps it’s just to be a published author? Do you dream of touching lives with the words you write, of seeing your name in print (electronic or otherwise?)

There’s one way to ensure that your dreams do indeed come true and this is by putting down those words swirling inside of you. WRITE.

How committed are you to seeing your dreams come true? Are you willing to hunch down and focus on writing for 30 days? Are you committed?

If you think you have what it takes to see your dreams come true and you’re willing to dedicate a few hours each day for 30 days, and then join us for the 30 Days of Writing challenge in August.

Take the early bird special and get started on achieving your dreams.


  1. Great post! My main dreams are to make enough money to pay off the mortgage and replace my current salary so I can write full-time. There’s a host of others, but I could write forever. :-)

    Looking forward to the writing challenge in August!
    Elke Feuer recently posted…In the Hammock — Courtney GiardinaMy Profile

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