Creating a Work Space for Writing

Where you work is usually very important in creating the right mindset for your writing. This is true no matter what form of creating you do. I’m not saying you cannot do great work in any environment, as a matter of fact, some of my best writing has been when I had kids running all over me. Still, I always loved that I could go back to my private work area and have my creativity nourished.

Before I left Malaysia (a couple of weeks back), I had a lovely little nook in my bedroom. When their dad could babysit or someone else could help, I’d escape from the kids for a couple of hours and lock myself inside and just write. Or not.

The thing about having your work space is that once you’re in there, you sort of just shift into work mode. Maybe not at first, but if you’ve designated one place for writing and you’ve formed the habit of writing in that one spot as often as you can, you’ll see that it’s somewhat easier to get into the mood and write.

I don’t have a work space now and so I work wherever I can. This has slowed me down and I noticed that I’m not as productive as I used to be. But that’s okay. I’ll get into the groove again. Once I’m settled and have the kids settled, I will create a work space. In the meantime, I’d like to share my last work space with you. I hope seeing this photo will inspire you to creativity.

If you can, please share YOUR work space with me. You can link to a blog post where you’ve posted about your work space or you can mail a photo to me – sharon [at] and if you want, I’ll share it here.

Sharon's Work Space

Have an inspiring week ahead!



  1. I agree, having a work area does help with getting into a zone lol. I work from my bed with the tv or music playing in the background. I do have a desk, a big one I was more productive there I do notice. I think once I get another desktop, I will go back to my desk, having a laptop makes things easy to move your work area about, but I do feel that it also slows me down too.
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